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Elective subjects:


Number of credits – 4
Discipline forms the clinical thinking patient is elderly and senile age of identifying diseases prosthetic profile, diagnosis; preliminary preparation for prosthetics and choice of treatment. prosthesis design taking into age-related changes of organs and tissues of the oral cavity, treatment of the different designs of dentures.

Medical law, management, marketing and audit in dentistry

Number of credits – 4
The discipline studies the legal norms regulating public relations of dental activity; considers approaches to labor management, training of staff in clinic. Develops communication skills, making informed decisions, developing well-thought-out strategies for requirements of the patient and development of the clinic; evaluating the quality of dental care.

Fundamentals of gnathology

Number of credits – 4
The discipline forms the clinical thinking of examination, taking the interaction of all organs of the maxillofacial system, including anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, which involves a comprehensive study, diagnostics, improves practical skills for assessing occlusion in normal and pathological conditions; conducting preliminary preparation for prosthetics and choosing a method treatment.

Digital dentistry

Number of credits – 4
The discipline forms practical skills in the use of digital technology of examination, diagnosis, treatment of diseases with prosthetic structures. Promotes skills of mastering the latest technologies and professional development. Improves skills of independent learning and training of professional team, active participation in discussions and forms of continuous development.