The faculty of internship for clinical training future factors was founded in 2006. It’s aimed at improving professional level of medical high schools’ graduates and their readiness to independent medical activity, uniting the chairs for accumulating, summarizing and using experience, knowledge, profile, chairs’ work and dean’s office, implementing innovative, pedagogical technologies for more successful arrangement and realization of internship.

The internship chairs trains the future doctors on therapy, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics, gynecology and general practice.

Training highly qualified specialists foresees creating high culture, acquiring ways and methods of cognitive and professional activity, successful self realization.

New technologies of teaching are regularly applied at the faculty, educational process and scientific – research activity are improved. Practical training of the internship’s graduates is realized in close relations with practical public health bodies and scientific centers of RK. Work on directory training specialists is improved; probation period of interns at the base of oblast clinical hospitals has been organized.

Placing in a job of graduates is held on the base of agreements on directory training specialists for therapeutic – prophylactic institutions of regions. Common educational monitoring “applicant-student-graduate” for professional orientation, primary specialization and following additional education.