News from DEMW


The  administration of our University received a proposal letter from Kirov State Medical Academy in Russia, in which there written further mutual cooperation between universities. They provide exchanging practical programs to the both University students of all faculties. Our students of the University are encouraged to be an industrial practice and  teachers are invited to conduct  lectures and participate in conferences.

On the other hand, the administration of KSMA wants to know about possibilities of practice and invite our students also staff teachers of the KazNMU.

We  have positive experience of cooperation . That is why in 2011-2012 academic year, through the academic program to students, the Faculty of Pediatrics in  KSMA  and  KazNMU get a practice at clinical sites in both countries.

Students could  apply to the dean’s offices and Professional teaching  Staff  of KazNMU tospecialized training departments.



DEMW director                                                        M.A.Abirova