Optional lesson on the theme «What’s corruption?» Methods of its prevention struggle and against it»


On the 15 th of October the optional lesson on the theme «What’s corruption?» Methods of its prevention struggle and  against it» was held in group 12041(1,2) General Medicine faculty with deep studying English and group of Residency students of our university with responsible teacher Biktasheva G. M.. Students informed about corruption as a negative factor that takes place not only in our country, but also all of the world. The leader of the lesson Yezhikova A. paid attention on such problems as “What’s corruption? Reasons of its occurance, negative influence on society”. The students of the group: Kurbanmuradova A., Kamelova G., Kaliullaev B., Monzavi Karbasi A., Kabdulashov K., Krivolapova D. showed the table of statistic data on corruption in the world and in our republic. They discussed the problem of corruption, its immoral aspect and also possibilities of corruption crimes prevention. Videomaterials about crimes were of great interest among the students. The theme of the lesson was very actual, so all the participants took active part in providing this lesson.The lesson was held only in English language. The head of the department assistant professor Suleimenova O. Ya. concluded the lesson and expressed her hope on the students’ negative attitude to the given problem.