PROGRAM-INVITATION of International scientific and practical conference «Achievements and Prospects in fighting with viral infections» (December 4-5, 2012)


Conference venue: Almaty, Bayzakov Str., 295, City Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases named after I.S.Zhekenova, conference room

Bureau of the conference:

Professor Alshinbayeva G.U., Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of JSC «Astana Medical University», chief infectionist of MoH RK

Professor Kurmanova K.B., President of the Association for infectious diseases physicians

Professor Doskozhaeva S.T., Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and HIV, AGIUV

Tastanbekova L.M.  —  Chief physician of GKIB named after I.S.Zhekenova

Discussion questions:

• Clinical aspects of viral infections

• Immunological aspects of viral infections

• Vaccine prophylaxis of viral infections



Professor A.K.Duissenova — Head of the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Professor A.A.Shortanbayev — Head of the Department of General Immunology

Professor Amireyev S.A. — Head of the Department of Epidemiology


December 4, 2012

08.00. – 09.00.


Conference participants registration
09.00. – 09.10.


Grand opening of the conference. Presentation and greeting guests.

Moderator Professor A.K.Duissenova

«Clinical aspects of viral infections»

09.10. – 09.20.


Actual problems of viral infections.

Kurmanova K.B.

09.20. – 09.30.


Course of hepatitis A in adults.

Suleimenova Z.I.

09.30. – 09.40.


Epidemiological characteristics of viral hepatitis in the Semipalatinsk region. Mukovozova L.A., Smail E.M., Sydykova M.M., Alimbekova A.L.
09.40. – 09.50.


Principles and means of pathogenetic therapy of viral hepatitis. Duissenova A.K.
09.50. – 10.00.


Differential diagnosis of viral and alcoholic, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. Zhankalova Z.M.
10.00. – 10.10.


Risk factors for tuberculosis. Rakisheva A.S.
10.10. – 10.20.


Viral hepatitis and pulmonary tuberculosis. Shopayeva G.A.
10.20. – 10.30.


Viral hepatitis B and C in patients with HIV-infection. Doskozhaeva S.T.
10.30. – 10.40.


Experience in the treatment of influenza in pregnant women. Tastanbekova L.M., Utaganova T.K., Bayekeyeva K.T., Shokalakova A.K.
10.40. – 10.50.


Diagnosis and treatment of central nervous system in herpes infection.

Duissenova A.K., Utaganova T.K., Yergaliyeva A.A.

10.50. – 11.00.


Analysis of cases of infectious mononucleosis based on GKIB.

Bekova L.T., Ospanbekova N.K., Bayhozhayeva R.J., Umeshova L.A.

11.00. – 11.10.


Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.  Egemberdieva R.A.
11.10. – 11.20.


Viral prostatitis. Ramazanova B.A., Shalekenov B.U., Suleimanov A.

Moderator Professor A.A.Shortanbayev

«Immunological aspects of viral infections»

11.20. – 11.30.


Natural immunity and toll-like receptors. Bizhigitova B.B., Shortanbayev A.A.,Bitanova E.Zh.
11.30. – 11.40. Modern trends vaccine creation.

Tarabayeva A.S., Shortanbayev A.A., Balpanova G.T.

11.40. – 11.50. Main directions immune correction. Zhubanturlieva A.B.,  Shortanbayev A.A., Talgatbekova D.Zh.

Moderator Professor Amireyev S.A.

«Vaccine prophylaxis of viral infections»

11.50. – 12.00. Methodological principles of the organization and implementation of vaccination of adolescent girls against HPV infection in practice of public health in Kazakhstan.

Amireyev S.A.

12.00. – 12.10. Vaccination against influenza.

Kuatbayeva A.M., Kurmanova A.M.

12.10. – 12.20. Results of vaccination against HBV and HAV.

Imangaliyeva O.V.

12.20. – 12.30. Raising awareness — as an important element to achieve high coverage of the forthcoming large-scale vaccination of the target group of the HPV infection.

Nazhmedenova A.G., Alimhanova K.N., Alekesheva L.J., Kusainova A.,  Beysenbinova Zh.B.

12.30. – 13.00. Discussion.

The adoption of the resolution. Presentation of certificates.

13.00. – 14.00. Coffee-break

15.00. – 18.00.


Speech by moderators on plenary session for the «Days of the University» (Theatrum «Concordia», building № 2 named after K.M.Maskeev, Bogenbai batyr Str., 151)


December 5, 2012

09.00. – 10.30.


Master-Class. The origin and spread of drug-resistant bacteria.

PhD Marco Salemi, an assistant professor of the Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine, Institute of New pathogen, University of Florida, USA

10.30. – 12.00.


Master-Class. Methods of the molecular epidemiology  in the study of nosocomial infection: the identification of a source of outbreaks of HIV/HCV in the Libyan hospital.

PhD Marco Salemi, an assistant professor of the Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine, Institute of New pathogen, University of Florida, USA

12.00. – 13.30.


Master-Class. Actual problems of biosafety and biosecurity. Yushkevich Conrad, MD, MPH, manager of science, AECOM
13.30. – 14.00.


Discussion. Presentation of certificates.


Conference organizers:

Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Department of Epidemiology

Department of General Immunology

City Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases named after I.S.Zhekenova