Strategic Planning Department


Management of strategic development was organized as monitoring sector on strategic development in September, 2008 at scientific department of KAZNMU. In 2009 of communication with acceptance of new structure of the University. The sector is transformed to «Management of strategic development of the University». In 2010, with a view of optimization of strategic development and innovative transformations, Management is transformed to «Department of strategic planning».

The department of strategic planning is structural division of Department of strategic management and development.

The main task of department of strategic planning S.D.Asfendiyarov KazNMU  is ideological support of system of planning and realization of strategic objectives by coordination of strategic plans of all divisions, carrying out the monitoring of summary reports of structural divisions and the analysis of the reasons of default of actions for realization of the strategy of  the University, and also development of recommendations about their overcoming.

About 2011-2012 academic years the head of strategic planning department is Zhumayeva Gulzhan Shyntayevna.

Zhumayeva Gulzhan Shyntayevna Leading expert of the strategic planning department
Izbenova Indira Inayatovna
Methodologist of the strategic planning department Begalina Ainur Begaliyevna


The main activities and functions the department are:

• Participation in development of the internal documentation regulating strategic activity of the University;

• Monitoring of effective functioning of systems of strategic planning within the achievement of goals and tasks;

• Development of the new directions; development and implementation of qualitative perspective programs;

• Introduction of offers to the University management about development of mechanisms of stimulation and motivation of staff of  the University for the effective solution of strategic tasks;

• The analysis of summary reports of structural divisions within timely realization of actions of  the strategic development;

• Granting control from structural divisions in established periods of the materials necessary for monitoring the realization the strategic development of the University;

• Monitoring the reasons of default of actions for realization of strategy of the University, and also development of recommendations about their overcoming;

• The organization together with heads of structural divisions of regular internal checks and a correcting of the current activity on realization  the strategic development of  the University.

• The department realizes also other functions defined by the current legislation, internal normative documents and organizational and administrative acts of administration of the University, directly connected with realization of the purposes and the tasks put before department.

For realization of the development strategy the department cooperates with all the structural divisions of  the  university (drawing 1).

Drawing 1. The interaction of the strategic planning department with structural divisions of the university

Contact information of the strategic planning department:

Address: 050012, Almaty, Tole bi St.94

Ph. 292-69-69 int: 305

e-mail: [email protected]

Location: administration of KAZNMU, 2-floor, office 241

Work schedule: (Mon. — Fr.) 9:00 — 18:00

Break: 13:00 — 14:00