“Strategic thinking”


In February 22, 2013 “Strategic thinking” group conducted its first meeting in the Centre of practical skills of KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov. The article “Health professionals for a new century: transforming education to strengthen health systems in an interdependent world” sent by Orvill Adams (Canada) was discussed during this meeting. Issina Z.B., Director of the Center of practical skills was a reporter and performed an excellent presentation, and Asimov M.A., Director of the Center of Communicative skills, was a chief, also Sarsenbayeva S.S., Director of the Center for MAQE and SSRME, made a conclusion of the discussion. The key moment of the meeting sticked with providing of qualitative reforms in the sphere of medical education in Kazakhstan, connection between education and healthcare, ways of realization of reforms and hold of education standards in top international degree. All participants shared opinions, offers and recommendations on this title, which is the process of formation of group strategic thinking. It is planned to hold next meeting in 20th of March, 2013.