Visited thepark named «28 Panfilov Guardsmen» by 70 anniversary Dayof the Victoryof the Great PatrioticWar


On february 21, 2015a Deaneryof foreign studentsgroup14-054(1, 2) and 14-056(1, 2), as well as tutor sRayevaA.N.,OtarbayevaA.B.visited thepark named»28 Panfilov Guardsmen» by 70 anniversary Dayof the Victoryof the Great PatrioticWar.

Timeholding: 16.00

Venue:Parknamed»28 Gvardeytsev-Panfilov»

On Victory Day, many Almaty citizens, including not onlywar and labor veterans, but today’s young people, cometo lay flowersat the Eternal Flamein the Park28Panfilov Guardsmenwho heroicallydied during theGreat Patriotic Warin 1941-1945.Celebratethis victoryand remembernotonly the citizens ofthe Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as foreignersstudying inour country.

February 21, 2015Deaneryof ForeignStudentsUniversity of KazNMUbehalfS.D.Asfendiyarovvisited the parkPark28Panfilov Guardsmen,Eternal Flameandthe Memorial of Glory, laid flowers andpaid tributeto those killedin World War II.

Tutorstold the studentsabout theheroic deedsof soldiers duringWorld War IIandwere givenvaluableinformation fromthe central council ofthe republican public association»Organization of Veterans of the Republic of Kazakhstan.» Such ascurrentlyin Kazakhstanthere are more than6,000World War II veterans. Atthefrontwassenttomorethan 1.3millionpeople, 410,000neverreturned.Totally was formed 12 rifle, four cavalry divisions, seven brigades, 50 separate regiments and battalions of various types of troops, including three cavalry divisions and two infantry brigades were only Kazakh national. In the Great Patriotic War 499 Kazakhs were deeds, including 99 Kazakhs were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet UnionHalykKakharmany, including two girls, Kazakhs ManshukMametova and AliyaMoldagulova awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. 110 Kazakhs were awarded the Order of Glory of third degrees.

During the event,students expressedtheir impressionsand admiration forthe heroicdeeds28Panfilov Guardsmenandshared their knowledgeabout the Great PatrioticWar.