Winter Shool-2012 at the Center of Communicative Skills named after D. Draper


The Center of Communicative Skills named after D. Draper Winter School presented teaching seminars (108 academic hours):

1. Basic Knowledge on Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (for general practice doctor and for psychologists) – Prof. M. A. Assimov, the head of the Center of Communicative Skills;

2. The Psychology of Profession Interaction with Conflictology Course (for managing staff of Health Care System, as well as for psychologists) – Sh.S. Mardanova, Senior Teacher from the Department of communicative skills, basics of psychotherapy, general and medical psychology.

The listeners of the Winter Shool-2012 had a chance to participate in the master-class events “Training of communicative skills experts in medical treatment”  conducted by Prof. D. Draper and to take part in the seminar of the Visiting-professor Nida  Zemaitiene on the topic “Youth Suicide Risk Behaviour: Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention”. Among the participants were Professor and teachers from the University, probationer-lecturers, residents-doctor, psychologists from hospitals and schools.

Winter Shool-2012 participants’ opinions:

  • My attendance of the course “Basic Knowledge on Psychosomatics and psychotherapy” was successful  — I got needed theoretical knowledge as well as  I got a chance for through discussion on the topic, and what is more important – practicing. I learned a lot due to highly effective ways of presenting the material by the trainer. This is a marvelous example how a department should work to help doctors master their profession skills. I’m eager to help make this process better.

  • My compliments to the Center of Communicative Skills, to its head and to all its staff for such a great event. Everything was interesting and helpful. A lot of actual topics were discussed. The content was interesting . Thanks a lot!

U.I. Autalipova, candidate of psychology sciences from Kazakh State Women            Pedagogical University.

  • 3. I likes everything. The information I got helped enlarge my knowledge in the field of the practical psychology. Role-playing helped make more clear such notions as ‘feelings’, ‘senses’, ‘image’. The methods of teaching used by M. A. Assimov is a brilliant pattern for any teacher or lecture.
  • 3. The training events war super. M.A. Assimov was great as usually. Everything was expressive, educational, interesting. The format and presentation were according to the planned structure. I like every minute! Thank you everybody!
  • 4. The information presented was familiar in general. As far as ‘feelings’, ‘senses’, ‘image’ are concerned here I found some new facts. I like the procedure of discussions and I liked the Psychodrama methodic. Many thanks.
  • 5. I like the personal growth trainings. I got a lot for myself – learned about many methodics, gained skilled psychologist’ experiences.


  • The seminars came up to all expectations, satisfied all possible requirements. Thank you.