About the Department


Department (center) of the morphological disciplines was organized February 22, 2012 (order number 120).

The main purpose of the Department of morphological disciplines foundation is the integration of educational and scientific process, as well as theoretical and methodological, and practical-organizational support of the learning process and improve the quality of educational services in the disciplines of the morphological profile on the basis of competence-oriented approach

The structure of the Department (center) of Morphological disciplines includes the following departments:

• Department of Normal Anatomy

• Department of Histology, with the course of Cytology and Embryology

• Department of Pathological anatomy with the course of forensic medicine

• Department of Clinical Anatomy and Operative Surgery

Human morphology (Gr.: — μορφή — look, image, appearance, shape + λόγος — teaching, 1803).

The morphology of the human — a section of human biology, a scientific discipline that studies the macroscopic and the microscopic structure and development of material (physical) nature of the human organism — the human body as a whole and its parts. Macroscopic structure of the human body and its parts is studying human anatomy.

Microscopic structure of the human body and its parts is studying human histology.

Most of the disease is accompanied by various structural changes in the position or the structure of various organs and tissues — a study of these changes is the subject of pathological anatomy.

Topographic anatomy («local regional Anatomy») is studying the structure of the body by regions, the relative position of organs and tissues in various areas of the body. (Trifonov E.V. Pnevmapsihosomatologiya). Russian-English-Russian Encyclopedia, 15th ed., 2012)




Normal anatomy

Tole bi Str. 94

educational building № 1 (morphological corp.)

Intro 7, 1st floor, office 203

Tel. 292-17-96


Chairman: Dossaev Tasbulat Moldahmetovich

  Pathological anatomy with a course forensic medicine

Street. Tole bi, 94

educational building № 1 (morphological corp.)

Intro 7, 2nd floor, office 203

Tel. 292-17-96 (221.224)

Chaimanr: Ismailova Julia Siyazbekovna

Histology with a course of Cytology and Embryology

Street. Masanchi, 38

educational building № 7   3rd Floor

Tel. 292-68-08 (214.215)

Chairman: Yu, Rudolf Ivanovich

  Clinical Anatomy and Operative Surgery

  Street. Tole Bi 94, educational building № 1 (morphological corp.)

(Intro 7)   office 222

Tel. 292-17-96 (225.230)

Chairman: Idrisov Alim Akramovich






Objective 1.1 — Development of educational programs that provide training for staff of competitive

1.1.1 Development of teaching methods courses (EMCD) based on the SES of the third generation, taking into account netting of credit hours (ECTS), the requirements of competence-based approach, and credit-module training

1.1.2 Development of original textbooks, teaching aids and materials in various academic disciplines

Objective 1.2 Create innovative teaching methods and educational technology

1.2.1 Transition to credit-modular technology education

1.2.2 The introduction of the learning process principles of scientific methodology and evidence-based medicine

1.2.3 The introduction of innovative teaching methods in the learning process

1.2.4 «Three language» personnel of department and students

Objective 1.3 Develop and implement innovative educational technologies on the basis of a network of information and educational environment

1.3.1. Development and implementation of e adaptive learning

1.3.2 Combining computer department in a local network connected to the network environment of the University and automation of accounting.

1.3.3 Preparation EMCD for distance learning

1.3.4 Creating an e-learning environment on morphological sciences

Objective 1.4 Improve information and library provision

1.4.1 The publication of textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education RTSIT, training and teaching aids, monographs, including the state. language

1.4.2 Creating a digital library of the Department of cataloged accounting system

1.4.3 Placement of «Electronic Libraries of Department of Morphology,» in the local network


Objective 2.1 Establishment of scientific and educational centers and the development of existing laboratories

2.1.1 Analysis of existing research groups in the presence of a critical mass of scientific results of the international level, and the choice of centers of excellence and future directions

2.1.2 Development of scientific groups and schools in some areas

2.1.3 Determination of the mechanism (process map) formation of temporary research teams (team processes) to perform research and participate in competitions for grants

Objective 2.2. The development priorities of medical science

2.2.1 Participation of the department in competitions MH RK, RK, and other organizations as well as within the university for obtaining the research and innovation grants

2.2.2 Enhancing the international association of morphologists Kazakhstan

2.2.3 Research Association Conference morphologists Kazakhstan.

International and national

Objective 2.3. Improving the quality of research

2.3.1 Obtaining patents and preliminary patents

2.3.2 Participation of the department in the international scientific-practical conferences, forums, congresses (reports, articles)

2.3.3 Publications in international refereed journals abroad


3. Development of logistics and infrastructure. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

Objective 3.1 Development of infrastructure

3.1.1 Redesign of morphological case

3.1.2 The organization of the museum complex on the basis of the Department

3.1.3 Creating a multimedia class or library (electronic library)

3.1.4 Providing access to remote resources leading educational and scientific centers

3.1.5 Creating and maintaining a database of employees

Objective 3.2 Development of information infrastructure

3.2.1 Creating a website Department of Morphology

3.2.2 Establishment of the editorial board of the site

3.2.3 Design requirements for maintenance and continuous updating pages.

3.2.4 Creating a system of vertical pages on teaching and educational areas.

3.2.5 Development of electronic services

3.2.6 The increase in current information on the website of the Department and work on improving your site’s ranking in popular search engines.

3.2.7 The development, deployment and regular updates on the website of electronic versions of journals English Department

3.2.8 Development of the English-speaking personal pages (electronic CV) of key scientific and educational personnel

3.2.9 Development of permanent pages for international scientific conferences, seminars, initiated and conducted on the basis of the department on a regular basis with the presentation of the program, participants list, presentations, speeches.

3.2.10 Building a list of scientific publications staff to place them in electronic form on the site with the mandatory submission of a summary in English.

Informing the public about activities, information services, the positive image of the department

3.2.11 The broad propaganda of various achievements of employees and students of the Department in the media

3.2.12. Organization of work of popular science (including electronic) journal.

3.2.13. Expansion of the scope and range of services to media library of the department.

Objective 3.3 Diversification of services

3.3.1 Development of the package (set) fee-based services

3.3.2 Commercialization of teaching and scientific research

3.3.3 Development of corporate training programs for personnel of medical institutions by category of morphological sciences

3.3.4 Short-term morphological units within the divisions of disciplines (component of choice for advanced training and retraining of doctors and elektivy for students)

3.3.5 Short-distance learning program on sections of the morphological disciplines on a fee basis

3.3.6 Internet — conference, followed by the release of collected materials

3.3.7 webinars on topics of morphology and related disciplines

3.3.8 Vending

3.3.9 Creating a laboratory to develop technology of natural anatomical specimens (plastination)

4. Improvement of management

Objective 4.1 Implementation of the concept of staff development

4.1.1 Training of PPP on computer literacy, computer technology

4.1.2 Creating a corporate culture

4.1.3 Professional Development PPP management, foreign language, etc.

Objective 4.2 Implementation of a systematic approach to quality management

4.2.1 Appointment of Commissioner of the Department of Quality

4.2.2 Mapping the Process Department

4.2.3 Assign responsibility (managers) for each process

Objective 4.3 Communication with the customer service

4.3.1 Develop and implement a mechanism for monitoring the views of students, staff and the public

Objective 4.4 Improve the organizational structure

4.4.1 The nominal structure and schedule of the department, which provides credit-modular technology education