Club for personal growth and self-development «Rainbow»


Club for personal growth and self-development «Rainbow»


The founder and the leader prof. Asimov Marat Abubakriyevich

  The history of the creation

The idea of the creation of the club was appeared long ago.The club of the personal growth has a small and at the same time a considerable history.It began its existence ,in its own format, according to the further development of the main aims and objectives,in 2000.Then, in the department of psychiatry, addiction, psychotherapy, scientific-student group was led by prof. Asimov M.A.Since that time,the feature of the club was not only a scientific -research direction but also a practical direction where they studied various psychological schools and psychotherapy directions.The most unusual thing in this organization is the main principe of the work : “Learn yourself by teaching others”.

The main principe of the work is based on learning the psychology, in particular “the theory of the knowledge of the pyramid”, when a participant, teaching others, receives and gets 70-80% of the information.The second feature is that in 2000, students acquire the interactive forms of learning in the framework of the training,when the leading teachers of the university continued to engage in the traditional forms of learning;and now we all see and recognize,develop and implement these interactive forms of learning.And our graduates – members of the student circle became the active teachers, coaches not only in the department and in the Center of the communicative skills but also in the other departments.

And nowadays the principe “Learn yourself by teaching others” became the motto of the club which was renamed in February 2012,the club of the personal growth “Rainbow”.

The motto of the club: “Learn yourself by teaching others!”.

The aim:

  • To developapersonalgrowth, acreativeadaptionoftheparticipants,self-actualization, enhance the internal freedom,education of the communicative culture of the participants.

The objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity to improve their personal qualities (self-knowledge,self-motivation,personal development and self-realization);
  • To create a teamwork skills, the ability to control and manage the groups;
  • To contribute to the development of the communication and form the communicative culture of the students;
  • To facilitate the transition from the rank type of retionship to the complementary(synergistic);
  • To create the practical knowledge in the field of the application of the psychotherapeutic techniques, using the principe of “learn by teaching”;
  • To develop the ability of reflection and self-reflection;a deep sense of self-confidence;
  • To develop the skills of the awareness of their desires,the control of their thoughts,the plan of their own actions, based on the responsibility;
  • To contribute to the creative growth(creativity), the desire and openness to the new experiences;
  • To promote self-acceptance and the reality “such as it is”;
  • To create the tolerance for the other belief,regardless of their social environment,others’ opinions;

The status of the club

1.1. Avoluntaryassociationofagroupofpeopleisonthebasisoftheunityoftheaim, theobjectives,theinterestsanditisalsoaplacewithasafe, confidentialatmosphereoffree, easycommnucation, benefiting a result of the joint activities.

1.2. The club is open to all comers, who focus on the intellectual and cultural growth and a mental development.
1.3.The club acts in accordance with the aims and objectives of the organization.

1.4. Thecharacteristicoftheclub “Rainbow” is informative-educational and creative.

1.5. The form of the meetings(lessons)- trainings,a group therapy, individual elements of a psychological consultation.
1.6. The club’s activities are guided by the Regulations of the club.
1.7. Thedocuments,showingtheworkoftheclub “Rainbow” – plans,reports,records,visualhotographicmaterials,creative works of the participants of the club.